Selçuk Bayraktar is the CTO of Baykar, founding chairman of the T3 Foundation, and chief architect of Turkey’s first indigenous, operational UAV Systems.

Selçuk was born in the Sarıyer district of Istanbul in 1979. He completed his primary education in Sarıyer Primary School and graduated from Robert College in 1997. He then pursued his undergraduate education in Istanbul Technical University’s (ITU) Electronics and Communication Engineering department. While at ITU, he was offered a scholarship by the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) where he received his Master's Degree in 2004. While at UPenn, he was awarded a second scholarship by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a research assistant in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, where he then completed a second Master's Degree.

As a graduate student at Penn in 2003, and for the first time in world history, he successfully carried out air-ground coordination of UAVs in formation flight alongside terrestrial robot teams. He continued to set record-setting milestones at MIT with his research in the autonomous, aggressive maneuvering of Unmanned Helicopter Systems, publishing his work in leading journals of controls engineering.

He returned to Turkey in 2007 and has since been serving as the CTO of Baykar, which developed the first national UAVs to serve the Turkish Security Forces in excess of hundreds of thousands of hours. He has advanced his applied research in the fields of avionics system architecture, flight control, navigation algorithm development, system kinematics and dynamics, electronic hardware and embedded software development. Throughout his work, he has emphasized the indigenization of unmanned technology and underlined its importance as a national priority.

In addition to his professional work, Selçuk is the founding Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Turkey Technology Team Foundation (T3 Foundation). T3 aims to ensure that talented young people and adults in kind participate in the development of high technology in Turkey. T3 also supports youth camps, entrepreneurship, and research and development activity geared towards indigenizing high technology into world class products made in Turkey.

Selçuk is married with a child and is an avid private pilot…